Chalo movie review: Scared divide between Tamil and Telugu films

Chalo movie review: Scared divide between Tamil and Telugu films

Chalo is a romantic comedy about a village who is prejudiced between Tamil and Telugu people with literally a barbed wire to create a divide and their point of conflict is described by the cinema of both languages. At one point in story, this character says to another one that Telugu people are better after all they made Baahubali. Another character mentioned Thani Oruvan reference and how is it copied in some Telugu film. They could not have gotten away without mentioning and how he was at much more ease in his Telugu film Basha than others.

Naga Shaurya’s character is a student who has come to this village in order to study and finds himself in the midst of the chaos and eventually falls in love with the a girl from other side of the fence. Since this film is Telugu they can’t disappoint their audience by not showcasing the superiority but also can’t let down Tamil audience as they also contribute in the collection of the film. No conclusion was going to be derived anyways from this film and it does not.

Eventually both the languages of cinema find themselves at peace with each other because the actor cross over between Tamil and Telugu is quite common. With in the film they give the example of arguably biggest Telugu star Mahesh Babu who finally did a bilingual film called Spyder with a director called AR Murugadoss who essentially makes Tamil films. A conflict of divide between the families of two lovers is the oldest trick in cinema and a divide between language is also not new thought the director tried to pull some comedic punches with this stereotypical theme and Naga Shaurya is in the forefront of this vision. Over all Chalo could be a decent one time watch if one is looking for strictly light hearted entertainment.

chalo movie review

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