Cameron Diaz spotted at Los Angeles after 3 years

Cameron Diaz spotted at Los Angeles after 3 years

The lady has been away from the camera from past three years. Yes, we are talking about the Hollywood actress, Cameron Diaz, who didn’t appear in media or camera from quite a years. After her last film in 2014, Annie was spotted rocking the casual sexy look.
The actress was seen in Los Angeles in the weekends. Though it was not red carpet, she looked casually smart and beautiful. She was captured by the media, wearing a relaxed pair of denim with a top and sunglasses. But to go into details, the lady was seen rocking the vintage look with high-waist jeans, smartly rolled from the ankles and perfectly styled blue peasant smock top or blouse. With big black sunglasses.

The beauty of 44 years with shoulder length blond hair, was carrying a brown leather purse, swinging her body with a phone and a water bottle, which were her travel partners in the parking lot of office building in LA on Friday.

It will be three years, that the lady has lost the touch of camera and work. But it really doesn’t look like. In fact, her look made us relief about her self-imposed status in Hollywood. The beauty has always ended giving us some major beauty goals, but the look on Friday was so natural, that it is not going off our head. But if it was in the office of LA, then definitely we are waiting for you, Cameron Diaz. The wait will never get over.

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