Brindavanam: Tamil film movie review

Brindavanam: Tamil film movie review
Written by Ravleen Khera

Brindavanam, the tamil comedy that hits theaters tomorrow has managed to generate quite a buzz around it. The film lives up to director Radha Mohan’s reputation for good quality entertainers with strong emotional underlayers. In the film, Arulnithi plays a deaf and mute person whereas Vivek plays himself. Tanya comes in as the female lead.

The plot of the film follows the life of a deaf and mute guy (Arulnithi) who is a barber by profession and is a huge fan of actor Vivek (who plays himself in the film). The director infact had to clear the air on multiple occasions regarding there being no similarity between his earlier film Mozhi (which also had a deaf and mute character) and Brindavanam. And after watching the film, you will vouch for this.

Arulnithi’s character lands an opportunity to meet his idol Vivek and they are shown sharing an emotional bond with each other, with the actor putting all efforts to help his fan. The film definitely plays on emotional elements that are soulful but is also humorous in its approach.

Before the interval point, the film is breezy and high on the feel good factor. The comedic scenes are genuinely funny with ample amounts of romance and mush.

Post interval, the film throws in a major twist in the plot with a sentimental back story to go with it. Ending with a climax which seems a bit over stretched.

Performances: Arulnithi as the deaf and mute person steals the show, nailing the sign language used. This is by far his best performance so far. Vivek is hilarious as himself and will leave you in spilts. Tanya is confident in her role, but has very little to do.

The simplicity in story- telling and the comedy thrown in, will be a major crowd puller.

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