Boyz movie review: Marathi youth adventure with Sunny Leone’s item song

Boyz movie review: Marathi youth adventure with Sunny Leone’s item song
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Boyz Marathi language movie is directed by Vishal Sakhram Devrukhakar. It features Santosh Juvekar, Zakir Hussain and Shilpa Tulaskar in the lead roles, also it marks the appearance of Sunny Leone as an item girl for song Kutha Kutha Jayacha Honeymoon la. It produced by Lalasaheb Shinde and Rajendra Shinde under the banner of Supreme Motion Pictures. And the director- composer Avadhoot Gupte for the first time presenting the film under Ekvira Productions. This is the debut in direction of the Vishal Sakhram Devrukhakar.

The story of the movie revolves around Kabir Gayatri Panigrahi, a person who raised by his mother alone was constantly bothered by society’s questions raised against his father. Kabir’s mother steers clear of the topic that creates a rift between the two. To control and to ease the situation her mother sends him to a boarding school where he quickly settles down and achieves the honor. Although he keeps striving for more success, his father’s identity question haunts him always. In the boarding school, things go well until Dhairya and Dhungya, the two who are infamous in their village for creating mischiefs join the school. All of this forms the crux of the story.

Boyz is based on the different aspects of the life of teenaged boys who are living away from their home in the boarding school. It is a story of three crazy boys. It also stars Sharvari Jamenis and Vaibhav Mangle in the prominent role. It is an entertaining story of your life that keeps everyone engaged throughout the movie. It has a well-organized screenplay and the cinematography of the movie will amaze everyone.

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