Blue Planet II movie review: Expedition at the most crucial time in Ocean’s history

Blue Planet II movie review: Expedition at the most crucial time in Ocean’s history
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

In 2001, BBC went inside the water bodies on earth to try and figure out more about existence under water. Years later as the generation changed and technology developed more, they yet again tried to discover the acts underwater as Oceans are at their worst in human history. Environment has played a humongous role in destroying the potential of oceans as the depth is going down because hundreds of years ago oceans use to be 80 feet higher than they are now. BBC’s team took their phenomenal cameras and got the visuals that have never been seen before up on screen.

Some of the shots are literally jaw dropping especially of that dolphin cracking the wave and there in is the meaning of existence. It is such a different world of storytelling of real footage from our very own planet but none of us have ever really gone there. Fascination of these visuals are beyond words because nothing like that has ever been seen before. Kudos to the team and their patience who took all these years to come with a film which is so well made and important for people to see at the same time.

It is the result of some extraordinary hard work and Hans Zimmer’s staggering background score which is so hypnotic that it turns mondaying visuals into poetry.The existence of a whole world under water with beings that have never been seen before and simply can not be created in visual effects on a computer. The world needs more film makers like this who go out in the real world ans how the actual beauty instead of creating a bunch of fiction visuals on a computer by a few human minds who can’t possibly create the depths of what nature is actually like. One should go ahead and have this experience in cinemas.

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