Black Panther box office: Opens to terrific start worldwide

Black Panther box office: Opens to terrific start worldwide

Marvel superhero film Black Panther is off to wild start worldwide and might become one of the highest earning sand alone superhero movie of all time considering that the reviews of this film are gorgeous. Marvel has some extra ordinary confidence on this film which is why they opened it on the same day in almost the entire world and the film is getting it’s worth. In US premiere film opened to more than $20 million which is incredible since this is first stand alone Panther film and world’s first all black star cast world in a comic book film.

In India Black Panther grossed 7.18 crores in both Hindi and English on the first day itself which includes 35 lacs of Thursday premier which were held in IMAX all over the country. Hollywood films have been able to penetrate the Indian market in a major way which is why these films are not foreign anymore because the fan following is almost as much amongst people who are devoted to franchises like Avengers and Star Wars. The actors in those films are not exactly as alien to people in this country as they use to be in the older days.

Avengers have garnered a lot of box office collection in India and looking at the potential market makers chose to dub the film in Hindi which eventually helps the collection of the film and improves on the fan base. Black Panther was seen for the first time in Captain America; Civil War and the character was appreciated widely primarily for being strong and a king. Panther is literally the richest character in the entire Marvel universe surpassing Iron Man by a very heavy margin and he is actually the king of a country which is most advanced in the world. Black Panther is eyeing more than $500 million worldwide lifetime collection.

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