BJP and AAP use similar people in their photoshopped promotional campaigning posters

BJP and AAP use similar people in their photoshopped promotional campaigning posters

Laziness of political parties have reached a whole new low even with their campaigning posters. Bharatiya Janata Party put up a poster out which is about giving up LPG subsidy and poster showcases a group pf common men and women standing their as if they are in full support but it is almost shameful to see that the same group of people is standing in another poster which belongs to Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party. AAP’s poster was about the promotion of what all party has done in terms of growth since they came in power.

In the exact same right hand corner of the picture are standing same group of people photographed originally for lord knows which campaign. It is believed that AAP poster is older than BJP’s, which means BJP poster maing person has no clue of why he is getting paid and instead he is just copy pasting stuff from the poster of other political parties. BJP and AAP are straight up rivals because Kejriwal dominates the government in capital city Delhi while BJP has the power in center, which pretty much leaves Arvind lifeless.

There is no low which political parties won’t be able to touch and this is a whole new definition of not wanting to do work as this incident might be one of it’s kind in the world with two major national parties goofing up so bad. Both the posters are exactly same with xerox copy of people standing in both of them as it does not take much to photoshop an ordinary poster which has the face of leader and some crowd, which could have been anyone else. In BJP poster Narendra Modi is dominating with the size of his own picture which is clearly taking away the focus of the message while Kejriwal took a back seat with his picture on AAP poster and let’s the message shine out.

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