My Birthday Song movie trailer released

My Birthday Song movie trailer released

The trailer for the movie, My Birthday Song has been released, and it looks like a confounding and brutal thriller. It stars Sanjay Suri and Nora Fatehi, and is directed by Samir Soni, who also wrote the screen play. My Birthday Song had been slowly, but steadily building hype on the social media by releasing the posters, teasers etc and now it seems that the story of the movie is as twisted and mysterious as it was expected. The trailer begins with the main character, played by Sanjay Suri, celebrating his birthday, and then later at night have a one night stand with a woman, played by Nora Fatehi.

Then, there seems to be a murder and the story spins out of control as the main protagonist begins to doubt what happened to him that fateful night. The mood of the trailer, and this also extends to the movie itself, is going to be noirish, as the protagonist has to face his own fears, truths and the mystery about the death of the woman that night. It is looking very compelling, and because the trailer was also endorsed by superstar Salman khan, who wished luck to the team of the movie. Since then, the trailer has been liked on the social media and is being praised for its mysterious tone, the actors and the song used to generate interest.

The movie is being touted as a “Psychological thriller” and as the story indicates, there are going to be many shocks and twists for the audiences in store. Even on YouTube, the trailer has generated a lot of hype because of the visuals and people are already discussing the twists and mysteries, which is always a good thing for movie since it makes it even more inciting to the audiences.

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