Bioscopewala movie review: An emotionally rich drama

Bioscopewala movie review: An emotionally rich drama

Bioscopewala, directed by Deb Medhekar  and starring Danny Denzogpa, Geetanjali Thaapa, Tisca Chopra, Adil Hussain among others, is an emotionally intricate and rich drama that is going to award viewers with a multilayered story, which is not going to reward the patient viewers with an unforgettable journey. It is based on the short story by writer, Rabindranath Tagore, named Kabuliwala. The movie is bolstered by Danny Denzogpa’s performance, which is nuanced and sensitive, never showing off the differences in tones of the characters he is playing, but instead, getting under the skin of the character he is playing.

The plot of the movie involves a man, who hails from Kabul, and who used to show people films through his bioscope, who meets a little girl, whom he forms a friendship with, but then disappears. The plot of the movie is complex and multi-stranded, going from flashbacks to the present without any difficulties with handling tones. The cinematography by Rafey Mehmood is gorgeous, and varied, so its always clear where the characters are, without any difficulty.

Deb Medhekar has made a movie that should be watched by the whole family, since it is the kind of drama that is going to teach something to the audiences without seeming to show that its preaching an important lesson to them. Everyone in the supporting cast is good, with special mention to Tisca Chopra and Adil Hussain, who are very effective in their limited screen time. But, the movie only really belongs to Danny, and rightfully so, because he has created a character, whom people see in a theater, and instantly take him home, because he is so close to life for them. This is a must watch movie that is going to stay with you for a long time.

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