Biggest match of Jinder Mahal with Triple H in WWE Live India event

Biggest match of Jinder Mahal with Triple H in WWE Live India event

From last six month, Indo-Candian Wrestler, Jinder Mahal, has been achieved a lot, by winning the title of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to headlining with multiple views. However, he said earlier that he will face his biggest challenge when he talks about company legend Triple H in the main event of the WWE in New Delhi (WWF Live India event) on Saturday. Ahead of the match, we can easily say, its a normal logic dictates that the Indian-origin superstar will surely be the crowd favorite in New Delhi. However, it will not effects the fans that he is facing Triple H for the first time, as he is the nine time WWE Champion and is too big for the Indian wrestling fans to overlook in favour of their favorite Mahal.

In India, Jinder Mahal is known as the ‘Modern Day Maharaja’ to mark the historic occasion of his first professional wrestling match in the country of his origin. He was born in Calgary, Canada as Yuvraj Singh Dhesi and his aims to become WWE champion again, carries immense weight in his professional development.

Tripple H said in an interview with ESPN UK, “he can get some support because of nationalism. If Mahal wants to prove himself as a global icon to the fans in India, there could be no better way than this match by doing it against me there.”

The temporary rivalry aside, it is quite clear from the way Mahal and Triple H, talk about each other, that these two wrestlers have a lot of mutual respect for each other. After in 2005 when Triple H let Mahal go he always credited Triple H for giving him a second chance in the company. On the other side, also the Triple H has praised Mahal repeatedly and was quick to defend him when the fans questioned him on WWE Championship.

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