Bigg Boss11 Live: Gharwalas take care of babies

Bigg Boss11 Live: Gharwalas take care of babies

Bigg Boss house is seen much calmer than before in this episode, as the Gharwalas are given a new task for the Captaincy competition in which they have to take care of a baby that is given to them. The Baby has the face of another Gharwala, and they have to take care if them in a wheel cart, until a cry is sounded after which they have to run to a parking station and claim their places. But the last person to reach the station will not be disqualified, but the baby they’re taking care of.

Puneesh is the first one to get disqualified, as it seems that he has no interest in playing the game. Shilpa also leaves the game when Arshi is not able to reach the station in time.

Vikas then begins to form a plan through which he is going to disqualify Hina and Hiten while talking to Priyank. Arshi then asks him what theyre planning, and Vikas tell her that he wants her, him and priyank to be in the top three.

Arshi and Shilpa then have another fight because they haven sorry to each other, as Aakash tries to mend their relationship, but nothing seems to work.

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