Bigg Boss Tamil weekend updates: Raize gets evicted, Kamal Haasan announces some wild card entries

Bigg Boss Tamil weekend updates: Raize gets evicted,  Kamal Haasan announces some wild card entries

Bigg Boss Tamil can be called the most anticipated show of the time and is being liked by thousands of people due to the contestants and also the host of the show. This weekend the show ended on a high note as the host of the show, Kamal Haasan announced some of the wild card entries to be on the show soon. On one hand Kamal Haasan invited the contestants Bharani, Harathi, Shakthi, Juliana and Gayathri Raghuram to be back on the show but at the same time, they asked that if they would like to return to the house or not. With this Bharani and Gayathri refused but Harathi and Juliana on the other hand showed interest in the show. With this, the show ended with a suspense as Kamal Haasan refused to reveal the name of the new entrant till Monday.

Kamal Haasan also took interest in the lives of the ex-contestants after the Bigg Boss. Juliana who was one of the most talked contestants of the show said that many inmates of the house told her that they took her as their own family member and lying on the show was very much disappointing for them. Kamal Haasan did not the miss the opportunity and immediately asked the reason for the contestants anger with Juliana. He further added that she was the one who was your heroine during the Jallikattu protests. On this he further added that if you can catch hold her for a small lie than you should also not leave the politicians. This anger need to be stored for the right time he said taking side of Juliana.

When all the contestants were confused and were wondering that why suddenly Kamal is taking side of Juliana, that moment Kamal further added saying that neither it was a support for Juliana nor a lecture to the audience. Instead it is a lecture I am giving to myself and your anger is my fuel. So I suggest you all not to waste it.

With the eviction of Raiza from the show it ended in a very quirky note making the audience confused and awaited for the next episode. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates!!





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