Bigg Boss Tamil updates: Oriya continues to win hearts

Bigg Boss Tamil updates: Oriya continues to win hearts
Written by Priyanka sarangi

After the controversial eviction of Harathi from the show, the fourth week has commenced with the remaining ten contestants. Sakthi who is also enjoying a great number of majority and good will among the inmates of the house has been elected as the captain of the house for the week. Oviya won hearts in the house and got six votes from the people. Namitha – with six votes – and Ganesh Venkatraman – with five votes – are the other inmates who are facing elimination this week. We can say that Oriya has managed to grab a lot of attention as her fan page on the Facebook and Twitter has been whirling with comments and she has mushroomed online and attracted massive traction on their pages with highly funny memes and troll videos.

When Oviya was nominated for eviction on the first day, she was a trending topic on the social media and there were many announcements regarding her survival in the house. Fans of Oriya urged the audiences on an account of regular basis to vote for her so that she could easily survive elimination of the week. Many meme campaigns also took place for her survival and there is no doubt that people like her a lot.

After all these, Bigg Boss called each of the contestants  to the confession room an assigned different personality traits to be followed by the contestants over the next three days. In that context, Sakthi becomes thief as in he is assigned the role of Thiruda, and needs to replace the real diamond with a duplicate one which has been provided by Bigg Boss without the knowledge of others in the house. Instead of completing the task, Sakthi lost the game and confessed that he’s the thief.

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