Bigg Boss Tamil updates: Harathi and Julie make wild card entries this week

Bigg Boss Tamil updates: Harathi and Julie make wild card entries this week
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Bigg Boss Tamil is a show which grabbed a lot of attention from the people and created a buzz on the social media. The reason for this is not the contestants or the concept of the show, but different controversies that the show surrounds around time to time. Different contestants give statements, do some acts and some get eliminated, the show becomes a subject of talk among the people. This time the show is most anticipated as it is being hosted by Kamal Hassan who is himself a puppet of controversies.

This week the show completed its 65 days on the run since the time the show started with 15 contestants. Now with eliminations and some wildcard entries, the show is now left with 10 contestants competing with each other. If you remember, last week the host of the show Kamal Hassan announced some of the wild card entries and ended the show for the day and now this week evicted candidates Julie and Harathi re-entered the house. Every week there is a new topic of conversation and tiff between the contestants, this week the conversation was regarding the Oriya-Gayathri tiff on the show and Aarav’s conversation to it.

One more new thing that took place on the show is the open nominations this week to choose contestants for elimination. The rule was to smear colored powder on the faces of those they nominate. In this process contestants Snehan, Aarav, and Kaajal received the most votes from housemates for eviction this week from the show.





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