Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya quits the show

Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya quits the show
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Bigg Boss Tamil, the show which gained much of the popularity due to one of the contestants on the show and she is none other than Oviya. Her mood swings, affair with Aarav and many more things she says on the show become popular every time and add to the TRP of the show. But this week, the audience witnessed a twist when Oviya seem to have jumped into the swimming pool at the living quarters and also dipped her face with nose closed. Aarav, his known to be lover was in the kitchen with the other contestants of the show, could notice that something was wrong and raised the alarm immediately. Oriya was then immediately pulled out of the pool by other housemates.

The incident occurred due to Oviya’s mood swings which took place as Aarav was maintaining distance from her. Oviya confessed her love for Aarav several times on the show but this week there was some serious issue between the both. Snehan being the mediator tried to clear the confusion and with that Aarav said that he only takes Oriya as his good friend nothing more than that. This disappointed Oriya and she took the extreme step but she also answered Aarav that he should not come to her ever in his life as she does not give second chances to people.

Due to her emotional problems, she has always been favored by Bigg Boss and even at one point she told Bigg Boss that she might need some professional help.  All the contestants of the show seemed visibly distressed with this step of Oviya and everyone managed to meet every demand of her from time to time. As per the reports say, Oviya took the step to leave the show and this was proved when a picture was uploaded on the Twitter account of Bharath who is an assistant director of Kollywood. The picture showing Oviya moving in a car made a buzz on the social media and made the audience curious. However, it was not confirmed.

But she had really quit the show, then it will surely affect the show’s TRP as she was the only reason why the debut season of Bigg Boss Tamil grabbed so much popularity. Lets see what happens nect on the show. Stay connected with us for the latest updates!!






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