Bigg Boss Tamil: Kamal Hasaan clarified the issue on being caste biased with Gayathri

Bigg Boss Tamil: Kamal Hasaan clarified the issue on being caste biased with Gayathri
Written by Priyanka sarangi

It has been the eight week of the Bigg Boss Tamil show but still now the show is in the headlines for one or the other reason. The eight week of the show concluded with Gayathri’s eviction who was one of the most disliked on the show but at the same time the show witnessed three new entrants past week. The new contestants of the show Suja Varunee, Harish Kalyan and Kajal Pasupathi entered the show on back to back episodes respectively giving a new face to the show. With this the show was also filled with some misunderstandings due to the clash between Suja and Raizaa as the contestants pranked with Suja which she took seriously.

As a tradition of the show, Kamal Haasan asked the audience to question Gayathri who is an evicted contestant. A few days back there was a controversy that Kamal Hasaan have been partial to Gayathri as she was from his cast and so he wanted to clear the issue with direct conversation.  Not only this, Kamal also took a strong stand against casteism and said, “We have had a lot of talk about inappropriate language on the show. But, caste is a bad word that is ruining our lives. Please do not use that”. He also added, “There have been many other criticisms of me, which is fine. But this is one concept that I have completely refused to include in my lifestyle.”

Gayathri on the other hand managed to answer all the questions and also thanked Oviya and Raiza foe supporting her and warning her for all the games in the house that were going on. This question answer session got a hold and the show ended.

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