Bigg Boss Tamil : Harish Kalyan wins the task of leadership for the week

Bigg Boss Tamil : Harish Kalyan wins the task of leadership for the week
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Bigg Boss Tamil the most anticipated show of the time has finally entered the ninth week and the contestants witnessed back to back wild card entries in the show too. There have been a change in the relationship between the inmates of the house. There are new things happening in the show with the new contestants bonding well together and the old ones are finding a corner for themselves in the changed environment.

Harish Kalyan the contestant of the show chose to offer some suggestions on a few selective occasions and on the other hand Kaajal Pasupathi did not keep her opinions at bay, instead she chosed to voice them openly. Suja Varunee was another housemate who made wild card entry in the show, but it seems she could not win over the hearts of the inmates as the housemates gave feedback that she feigns ignorance intentionally and also behaves very artificially in the house so that she can earn love of the audience.

Last week we saw Bindu Madhavi as the head of the house and she managed the things well. But her role concluded this week leading to a new task in the house for the selection of a new leader. The task was for the new inmates Kaajal Pasupathi, Harish Kalyan and Suja Varunee. As a result of the task, Harish Kalyan won the task and was elected as the new leader of the house.

After winning the post of leader, Harish was repeatedly asked by the Bigg Boss to keep an eye on the housemates who slept during the daytime and took a special name for Raiza as she got several warnings in the previous episodes. After all these task and the election process that took place, the nominations were announced and Snehan, Raiza and Vaiyapuri have been nominated for eviction this week. The contestant, Ganesh Venkatraman who is believed to have the power to save a contestant from elimination informed Bigg Boss that he wishes to utilize it for the next week’s eviction process.


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