Bigg Boss Tamil: Get the latest updates here

Bigg Boss Tamil: Get the latest updates here

Bigg Boss Tamil, the show is grabbing a lot of attention these days. The third episode of the show started with the nomination that took place on the Day 1 of the show. The inmates Shree,Juliana and Anuya have been nominated fr now for the elimination for this week. As per the feedback by the inmates, Juliana talks too much and is not comfortable around the house.

The housemates began their day with the wishing the audience for Eid and also requested the Bigg Boss for the biryani. Later in the day, the inmates three groups that is one for cooking, one for washing utensils and the one for cleaning house. One of the inmate in the house can be called a Bold Women. On the first day of the show, Oriya went sleepless and also was seen talking to herself.

On the third episode the audience witnessed Oriya trying to make Aarav his companion. She started with pulling his legs  as she was trying to hit on him. The next thing she did was very smart, she asked him if he had a girlfriend and then she could not stop herself and proposed to him. With all these, one person who was making fun and adding fuel to the flame was Raiza. He made sure that Aarav responds to her proposal and also asked Oriya to make sure of it.  It seems that Oriya wants to win the hearts of the audience by doing all such controversial things.

After all these love affairs, a fight and argument session also took place. The first argument of the show started between Gayathri Raghuram and Juliana when Gayathri started to narrate an incident of her father and a nurse and from that how his father started hating nurse. And Juliana started favouring nurses as she herself is a nurse. Aarthi also did not miss the chance and jumped in with her story wherein creating a more fuzz in the situation.

With all these arguments, one good thing about the show and for the inmates was that their request for Biryani for the occasion of Ramzan was answered and they all enjoyed the treat.





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