Bigg Boss Sunday update, 8 October, 2017: Zubair is evicted as Arshi patches things up with everyone

Bigg Boss Sunday update, 8 October, 2017: Zubair is evicted as Arshi patches things up with everyone
Written by Abhishek Rana

In an tumultuous week, where fights broke out almost every day and almost each and every Gharwala stepped out of their line, the weekend was a time for them to come face to face with their mistakes and their shortcomings, and in Arshi’s case, who finally accepted that she had been rude to everyone else and instigated fights, and then she apologized to everyone, and the Gharwalas praised her for realizing her mistakes.

Zubair Khan, who had gotten ill during his last day in the house, was revealed to have been evicted by the audience, along with Priyank, who had been eliminated by Salman himself for being physical in a fight.

The Gharwalas were then asked to maintain decorum in the house and be patient with each other, and Salman even brought kids to show that the housemates could be kinder to each other.

There was a small, fun competition between Sapna Chaudhary and Arshi, in which they had to defeat each other by pushing the opponent in the dirt, and after a rousing shriek of whistles by the Gharwala’s in support, Sapna won the contest 3-0.

The night was also very star studded, as the entire team of Golmaal team came to the show and then entered the house and had fun with the Gharwala’s too, but telling them that they should behave better because it was not looking good for some of them outside the house.

All in all, the episode was relatively lighter than the previous one, but there are still many rifts in the relationships between the housemates and the promo for the Monday episode shows that Shilpa shinde will again get in fight with the people in the house and most prominently, with Vikas.


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