Bigg Boss Marathi starts today, to air on Colors Marathi at 7 PM

Bigg Boss Marathi starts today, to air on Colors Marathi at 7 PM
Written by Abhishek Rana

Bigg Boss Marathi is going to begin its new season today, and fans are already looking forward at the reality show, which is known for creating huge controversies and shock waves whenever it airs, in any region. The show is going to be hosted by, actor Mahesh Manjrekar. The show is going to air on Colors Marathi, at 7 PM today. There have been many speculations about the contestants who are going to take part in the show, like, Usha Nadkarni, who became popular after acting in the show Pavitra Rishta, Shiv Thakre, who was in roadies. There have been sources that have reported that Rajesh Shrungarpure is also set to debut in the show as a contestant.

Bigg Boss is a show in which contestants are locked inside a sprawling house, in which they have to live for 3 months and have to perform all the daily tasks of the house without any help from others. Then, they also have to complete tasks that are given to them by the Bigg Boss, whose voice they can hear throughout the house. If they are not successful in their weekly tasks, they’re not given proper refreshments.

A captain is also elected from the members of the house, with the help of voting or tasks, and there is also the process of nominations, in which each week some contestants are nominated to get eliminated from the house. Whoever gets the least votes from the audiences is told to get out of the house. The fans of show are very excited about it, and have even started to spread the awareness about the show so others can also join in and promote it.

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