Bigg Boss episode 9 update, 9 October 2017: Fights and arguments still going on in the house

Bigg Boss episode 9 update, 9 October 2017: Fights and arguments still going on in the house

The episode starts with a fight and then escalates to a variety of feuds among the Gharwalas, who’re now trying to be civil to each other, but still can’t seem to behave appropriately with each other. Shilpa Shinde begins to fight Vikas by eating from his plate, which then turns a little physical when an angry Vikas tries to manhandle Shilpa, but is stopped by the Gharwalas. Another fight occurs between Hina and Vikas, because he blames her for forgiving Arshi and then she says that he is the reason that Priyank was eliminated. Another, short fight bursts when Vikas drops an egg on the floor and Punish tells him to clean it up there and then.

Shilpa, unfazed, still tries to get a raise from Vikas and they fight each other more. Then the nomination process begins, and the Gharwalas have to vote for one contestant whom they want to save but that person has to campaign if he/she wants himself/herself to be saved.

After the end of the process, Hina, Vikas, Jyoti, Shivani and Sapna were nominated, but that was because of the twist that Bigg Boss added to the process. It was revealed that the Padosis will have to decide who gets to be nominated, and they’ll be going into the main house that right moment. So, the four Padosis went inside, and nominated Jyoti, who’d been safe by that point.

Upcoming: There are more fights to come, as it is teased in the clip after the episode. Punish and Vikas seem to have a very heated argument which will certainly be the talk of the next few days.


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