Bigg Boss 11 Winner: Shilpa could win the show

Bigg Boss 11 Winner: Shilpa could win the show
Written by Abhishek Rana

Shilpa has accumulated a lot of fan following in some of the previous weeks, as, after her fight and conflict with Vikas was resolved, she has slowly built her reputation as one of the most well liked celebrities on the show. All this could result in her victory at the end of the show, as her support has been evident by the highest number of tweets ever for a contestant, a whopping 2 lakhs and every one is praising her for actually changing in the course of the show. From being angry and irritating, she has now become calm and funny.

However, Shilpa’s biggest threat on the show, Hina Khan, has lost a lot of goodwill and popularity because of comments about people outside the show. Hina has insulted the South Indian movie actress’, Television Icon Sakshi Tanwar and Actress’ Sanjida Sheik and Gauhar Khan. It is being very difficult for her fans to explain her blunders on the show.

In contrast to Shilpa, the highest numbers of tweets for Hina, by the name of India Loves Hina has only 48 thousand mentions. That’s too low.

Shilpa’s other competition, Vikas and Hiten don’t have as much of a following and have never been able to get their names trending worldwide like the ladies.

So, it seems that Shilpa is going to be be another female winner on the show after two men have triumphed before her.


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