Bigg Boss 11 weekend ka Vaar: Live voting to be introduced

Bigg Boss 11 weekend ka Vaar: Live voting to be introduced
Written by Abhishek Rana

A new twist and a great opportunity for the fans of the contestants will be introduced in tonight’s episode. Bigg Boss 11 will be introducing live voting, so that the fans can send their favorite contestants to the semi-finale. As the contestants continue to be eliminated with new twists, fans will get a chance to send their faves directly to semi finale, and save them from any kind of turns that might get them eliminated at this late stage. The most popular contestants in the house currently are Hina and Shilpa, because they have accumulated a lot fan following in the house, in addition to what they had before coming inside. People will be able to vote for their favorite contestants through SMS or through the VOOT app, they can also go to the official site of Bigg Boss if they have any doubts. The voting will continue for a limited amount of time, which will be announced during the show, after which votes will be counted and the winner will be announced in tomorrow’s episode.

So, there’s a chance that one of them could win the ticket to semi finales, but if we consider various polls, it seems that Shilpa will have more support because Hina has proved herself to be too controversial in the house, because of her comments. In that case, Hina is still safe, since she is the Captain for now.

Vikas also has quite a large fan following, and he is considered to be the most intelligent and consistent player in the house, so it won’t be a shock if he too, triumphs in the voting.

It will depend on a variety of factor, but mostly that the fans want to vote or not. Most things are pointing that some contestants will have more advantage in this voting poll than others because of their popularity, but it could easily be the case in reverse and things could change at the last moment. Still, everyone will be watching and voting as to when the voting opens so that they will be allowed to vote and push the people they admire a step closer to the victory.

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