Bigg Boss 11 Weekend K war: Puneesh and Luv to face off in Sultani Akhada

Bigg Boss 11 Weekend K war: Puneesh and Luv to face off in Sultani Akhada
Written by Abhishek Rana

Pueesh and Luv Tyagi are going to face off in the Sultani Akahda in Tonight’s episode of Weekend Ka War in Bigg Boss season 11. The two, who were friends for sometime, seemed to have become estranged, as is seen in the clip that was released by the Colors TV on its Twitter account. In the first stage of the game where the two have a verbal contest. Luv tells Puneesh that he is not  a loyal friend and usually backstabs people. Puneesh on the end, mocks Luv that he couldn’t even complete the first task that was given to him when he came in the house, and failed as Parosi.

The Clip then shows that both of them have gotten one points each and to decide the winner, they will have to fight physically and whoever is able to touch the back of the opponent to the ground will be victorious.

We then see the two having a furious fight, and doing their best to slam the opponent to the ground. The winner will, of course be announced when the audience watch the episode tonight, but in the glimpses we see that maybe Luv is going to triumph over Puneesh. But nothing is certain, and we will have to wait and watch the episode to find it out.


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