Bigg Boss 11: Sapna and Puneesh fight, gharwalas fail at the task again

Bigg Boss 11: Sapna and Puneesh fight, gharwalas fail at the task again

The Gharwalas once again failed at the Weekly Budget task because none of the judges could decide on a result, and the court proceedings were mired in fights again, this time between Puneesh and Sapna. The two started fighting, when Bandgi told her boyfriend that she thought Sapna wasn’t doing anything in the task except sit there and nod her head. But Sapna obviously disagreed, saying she was listening to both of the lawyers, and could she shut up. Then Sapna and Puneesh begin to fight furiously, taking each others name and calling each other vulgar and stupid. Sapna tells everyone that she’s going to slap Puneesh so hard that he is going to land somewhere in America.

Then, then next day, Aakash begins to get slightly freaky over the candidacy of the captaincy for the week.

Priyank again misbehaves with Arshi, when, during the Captaincy task, he says that he hates her and also completely blackens her photo. Later in her episode, Aakash begins his usual breakdown, screaming and calling people names because he won’t be able to be the captain now. In the pre-cap, we see him screaming at Puneesh, as he thinks that he has been betrayed.

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