Bigg Boss 11: Sambhvana Seth slams Hina Khan for her comments on Sakshi Tanwar

Bigg Boss 11: Sambhvana Seth slams Hina Khan for her comments on Sakshi Tanwar

Hina Khan has attracted a lot of ire because of her comments on the television and Movie actress, Sakshi Tanwar. In an unreleased clip that was leaked from the show, Hina is seen talking about various actress’ and says that though Sakshi Tanwar is a good actress, she doesn’t have perfectly aligned eyes. Actress Kamya Punjabi, Gauhar Khan and others have criticzed Hina for her comments on Sakshi, who is inarguably an Icon of Indian Television and an acclaimed actress. And now actress, dancer and previous House member, Sambhavna Seth has slammed Hina’s comments. In a tweet with a hashtag shame on you, she praised Sakshi and said that Hina could never be as great an actress than her and that Sakshi is prettier than Hina.

Gauhar also supported the tweet and wrote that she agrees with Sambhavna’s points and that people should stop attacking her for stating her opinion.

Hina had also commented on Gauhar, saying that she has more followers than her on twitter and said that Sanjida Shiek doesn’t look great on Television. She has also come under criticism when she said that to star in south Indian movies an actress has to gain weight.

However, Sakshi Tanwar, who isn’t available on any social media, has yet to comment, and doesn’t particularly seem to have cared much about it.






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