Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh becomes the first contestant to enter Finale

Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh becomes the first contestant to enter Finale
Written by Abhishek Rana

Puneesh has become the first contestant to enter the Finale of the Bigg Boss season 11, after winning the Finale task, in which every Gharwala took part. The sources suggest that he defeated all of the competition in a very difficult task in which the contestants had to stand on a slope and tear at the other’s bag so that they could win the task. And surprisingly, Puneesh was the last contestant who stood out in the task, hence clearly winning it. This will come as a shock to many viewers of the show, who thought that someone stronger and more popular on the show, like Shilpa or even Vikas or Hina would be the first contestant to enter the finale.

Earlier, in a task that was meant as a nomination process, Puneesh and Aakash had been able to save themselves, while Luv, Vikas, Hina and Aakash had been nominated. It was then revealed that voting lines would be closed for this week, so Bigg Boss obviously has something very different that is surely going to be introduced in the show soon. It is heavily predicted that the contestants will face an elimination task, in which they will have to fight each other one way or another to make their place in the finale week or just keep themselves from being eliminated.

Bigg Boss 11 has become one of the most controversial, but most popular season of the series because of the onslaught of controversial situations in the house. The show was one of the most searched top ten show world wide, which is an accomplishments that few have managed to do. So, it is clear that everyone involved with it is hoping to close the season with unexpected twists and turns. Anyone can be eliminated, and it wouldn’t be shocking if someone unexpected becomes the winner of the show.


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