Bigg Boss 11 Live Weekend Ka War: Hina and Arshi lock horns in a fight

Bigg Boss 11 Live Weekend Ka War: Hina and Arshi lock horns in a fight

On Weekend Ka War, Salman Khan hosts the show and gives the summary of whatever happened the day before and all weekend. This time, in the Bigg Boss house, the contestants are asked, who according to them is the most popular in the house and then to rank the, and everyone chooses Shilpa to be the number one, and Hina behind her. Benafsha then fights Hina for not taking her name and says that she should have been higher in ranking. Salman then goes into the house through MeTv, and asks them to stand according to the rankings.

Salman then berates Aakash for creating havoc in the house and lying about his family connections and that he always wastes food.

Luv is the contestant to sit on the bull because he is the most unpopular contestant in the house and because everyone chooses him.

Salman then asks everyone about their opinions on the nominated contestants and other stuff that they did during the week.

Salman then holds a competition for Hina and Arshi, in which they have to first fight each other verbally and then physically and then the two begin to hurl insults at each other, calling each other names and telling that they don’t deserve to live in the house.


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