Bigg Boss 11 Live: Vikas’s patience and anger gets tested

Bigg Boss 11 Live: Vikas’s patience and anger gets tested

The episode begins with Aakash still in hysterics over Vikas, and doing a act of imitating him and the way he acts. Everyone begins laughing as he tries and speaks in the way that Vikas does, saying that he doesn’t have to tell him that he’s diminishing his reputation outside the house, but he’s the one who is always gossipping and doing belly dancing. Then, it’s time for the task, and Hina and Priyank get to work, in which they have to make Shilpa, Vikas and Luv angry. Priyank attacks Vikas from the start talking about how he acts all sensitive about sexuality when he’s the one who is always talking about sexuality.

Hina brings Vikas down, telling him that he is not even famous outside of the house. No one knows him and cares about him, and ge should stop acting like women all the time.

Then, it’s time to make the four of the contestants, cry. The first one to try is Priyank, who tells his life story to Vikas, saying that he’s the only one who trusted him. Vikas then gets emotional as Priyank tells him, on the verge of tears that he loves him, and he’s a really great person.

When it’s time to make them laugh, Hiten and Priyank try to make fun by dressing up like ladies, but nothing happens and the task is a complete dud, with zero results.

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