Bigg Boss 11 Live: Vikas turns mean against Hina and Shilpa

Bigg Boss 11 Live: Vikas turns mean against Hina and Shilpa

The show has almost come to the end, and has now started to initiate new tasks so that the contestants and the audience’s stay entertained. Because Vikas was the winner of the task yesterday, he gets a chance to at least earn 9 lakhs. He has to become a dictator and behave mean-ly toward the remaining three contestants. If the three of them press the buzzer outside the house, then they can stop their part in the game, but the money assigned to them, that is, three lakhs each, will be given to Vikas. He begins to impose himself on the contestants, tells Puneesh to shave his hair, which he refuses and presses the button, thus giving 3 lakhs to Vikas very easily.

He tells Shilpa to wear a saaree, and she does, but Hina begins to rebel against him, even though she says that she won’t press the button. He tells her to wear a saaree, she talks back to him and they begin to fight.

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