Bigg Boss 11 Live: Hina Khan becomes the new captain

Bigg Boss 11 Live: Hina Khan becomes the new captain

The episode opens with Hina and Luv talking about Priyank, and his betrayal to their friendship. Hina says that Luv should not come to her with any requests to forgive Priyank or talk to him in Amy capacity. Shilpa is then seen talking to Puneesh and how she feels that Vikas is now showing his true colors at last. Then, it’s time for a big, dramatic showdown between Aakash and Vikas, as they both begin to fight in the Kal Kothari. Aakash begins to push Vikas, who ten retaliates by forcibly kissing him on the lips and throwing him onto the floor.

The drama doesn’t stop here, as Aakash begins to call Vikas a loser and idiot, as Arshi and others laugh and scream. Both of them are called into the confession and told to behave themselves.

Then, it’s next day and time for Capitancy task. Hina, Shilpa, Priyank and Luv are told to stan in a holding frame, and the one who is standing till the last will be the winner.

When the contestants start making fun of the task, the bigg boss announces that they have 2 hours to complete the task. Everyone decides that Hina will become the captain of the task, because no one can decide on anyone else.

Hina tells Luv that she thinks that if everyone wanted Priyank to win the task, then why didn’t he become the captain. But Luv tells her to stop whining and be grateful that she won the task.

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