Bigg Boss 11: Aakash and Shilpa nominated, but voting closed

Bigg Boss 11: Aakash and Shilpa nominated, but voting closed

Bigg Boss house was relatively calm, until a little fight broke out between Arshi and Aakash, but it was quickly resolved or forgotten, as Bigg Boss announced the Woman’s day. In the task given to every male in the house, they had to serve every woman. Arshi has quite a lot of fun in the task, as she makes fun if Hiten and also tells him to do her hair, and let her touch him. Hina also has fun in the task, as she makes Luv hold the mirror as she applies makeup slowly and then also puts lipstick on Luv’s mouth.

Then, it’s time for nomination process in which it is announced that all the members of the house will get a chance to save the contestant whom they want to save, by voting for them.

In the end, Luv and Aakash are the only contestants without any votes, so they are automatically nominated. But then, another twist is announced in which Vikas, being the captain of the house has the power to save one contestant from the two and then nominate someone else from the remaining ones. Vikas nominated Shilpa because he feels that she’s a very strong contestant and a very strong contender for the finale.

But, it is revealed to the audiences that there will be no voting this week, so either the two of them are safe or one will be going to the secret room at the pretense of being evicted.



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