Bigg Boss 11 Live: Ticket to finale task announced

Bigg Boss 11 Live: Ticket to finale task announced
Written by Abhishek Rana

After he was saved accidentally in the task, yesterday, Aakash seems to have become a bit ignorant because of his luck. As he misbehaves with everyone in this house in the episode, he clear states that he is not going to accept anyone’s rule in the house because he is safe, and he doesn’t need to go along with anybody’s regulations. Then, Hina and Aakash have a fight because he misbehaves with her, calling her, “Abe oye” and she tells him severely to not use these types of words when he’s referring to her.

A little later, the task for being the captain if the house is announced, in which the contestants have to stand on a slanted slope, and tear at each other’s bags, which they’re wearing on their shoulders. The one who has the most cotton in his bag till the last will win ticket to the finale.

As the task progresses, everyone tries to form alliances with each other, as Aakash pleads with Puneesh to formulate a plan or else they will lost the task. Hina and Shilpa then turn against them both and decide to throw them out of the task. Shilpa first empties Aakash’s bag.

All the contestants try to throw Akash out of the task, and Hina clearly doesn’t care if she loses or wins, but that Aakash should lose.

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