Bigg Boss 11 Live: The contestants face media’s questions

Bigg Boss 11 Live: The contestants face media’s questions

This is the last week of the show, but everything seems to fall apart in the beginning of the episode, meaning that the contestants have not resolved their issues with each other at all. The fight begins during the breakfast, because Shilpa doesn’t didn’t make any food because she was accused of being unhygienic by other Gharwalas. She then begins to trash other Hina, asking her why she said such a disrespectful thing to her. Vikas also begins to get angry at her, telling her that she’s wrong. Shilpa then begins to cry, and Puneesh comforts her, while Vikas says that she is crying because she wants more footage.

Shilpa talks to Puneesh and saya that Hina came to her and told her that she doesn’t eat older food, which Shilpa feels is a lie.

Then it’s time for the contestants to face the media, and one of furst questions is for Hina, who is asked why she feels so overconfident in the show. Hina replies that she doesn’t feel overconfident, and if she ever said that kind of thing, she probably forgot it.

The journalists then begin asking questions at the contestants, asking Hina if she’s a fake crier, if Shilpa is playing a game by becoming the “mother” of Aakash, and why does Puneesh keep betraying his friends in the show and changing alliances.

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