Bigg Boss 11 Live: Inorbit Mall task

Bigg Boss 11 Live: Inorbit Mall task
Written by Abhishek Rana

The episode begins with the song from Gaddar, which indicates a new twist to come. Later on, it is finally revealed to the contestants that the voting line for this week had been closed. But before anyone can celebrate, the Bigg Boss tells them that the four nominated contestants will finally venture outside the house to accumulate votes from the public and whoever gets the least amount of votes will be eliminated. Then there is another task for the contestants, in which they all have to take a seat one by one and they will then be told why they don’t deserve to stay in the house.

Once Hina is seated, everyone jumps on her with verbal attack, the worst of which us from Puneesh who insults her. This also causes rifts in the relationship between Hina and Luv. Shilpa, Luv and even Vikas get heated during the task.

Then, it’s time for the Inorbit Mall task, in which the four nominated contestants go outside the house through the main gate. But when they reach the Mall, the crowd is very large and they have to be taken out if the venue.

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