Bigg Boss 11 Live: Hina has an angry breakdown

Bigg Boss 11 Live: Hina has an angry breakdown
Written by Abhishek Rana

The new task brings in new conflict in the house as everyone wants to become the Captain and become safe for another week. Vikas, his plans now coming down without any results drive a wedge between him and Arshi, as they fight each other quietly about the task. Hiten, who hasn’t done much but is still strong in the task also gets a lot of anger for supposedly following Vikas’ plans. Luv and Priyank also have a fight, which verges on being violent, but Hina saves it from going too far. Hina then has an angry breakdown because of Hiten and tells him that he is a spineless man.

Vikas, however, finally plans to get Hina out of the task and save Puneesh till last, but he wants Arshi to win. Vikas then disqualifies himself from the game. He later also accepts that he’s playing a game in the house.

In the end, Arshi finally becomes the captain of the house, as was reported earlier. She’s very happy and everyone congratulates her on the accomplishment. Hina, however, is still angry about the result and says as such to her friends. Hiten then has a spat with Aakash, because he calls him a loser.

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