Bigg Boss 11 Live: Arshi gets upset, will only play for herself

Bigg Boss 11 Live: Arshi gets upset, will only play for herself

Hina and Luv have a fight in the beginning of the episode, as Hina tries to explain what she meant and that he had misunderstood her. Luv, however is inconsolable, as he tells her that he can easily survive in the show without her help and they’re always underestimating him. Hina then tells him to not talk to her in that way, and she also takes Priyank’s help in making him understand that there is nothing wrong in their relationship. Then, it’s time for the introduction of the new task, in which the whole house is turned into a poultry farm.

There is a big hen in the courtyard, and it’ll drop a big egg on some time interval with the picture of each contestants. The Gharwalas have to save their own eggs and throwing others in the pool.

Hina wants to become the captain, and she does get support from Arshi, Shilpa, Priyank and Aakash. However, Vikas objects, as he also wants to become the captain too, and he heard the plans of Hina and others. He and Hina then begins to fight, and fight over Hina’s egg.

Then, another fight ensues for Arshi’s egg, but it is so furious that it breaks and the Priyank’s throws it in the pool. Arshi then fights Shilpa, asking why she didn’t help her, but Shilpa tells her that she’s only playing for herself and won’t let her become a contender.

Arshi gets upset with everyone, tells them that she’s going to play a dirty game and only think about herself.

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