The house becomes fraught with fights, as one things gives way to another and every contestant begins to fight each other. The show begins with Luv telling to Hina that Aakash and Puneesh think that Benafsha is dirty and doesn’t live properly, but Hina says that she supports her. Shilpa is seen saying that she thinks that Benafsha is going crazy. Benafsha then goes to the Bathrooms and then begins making a fuss with Aakash and the two of them fight each other for a bit, Benafsha then complains that everyone seems to be blaming her, when Bandgi doesn’t even sleep on her bed.

Then, the fight begins to get bigger and Aakash and Benafsha begin to fight each other. The fight then gets bigger and Puneesh begins to shout at Aakash and both of them are about to fight each other physically, but the Gharwalas restrain them. Hina then goes all out and starts shouting and screaming at Aakash and telling him how dare he disrespect a girl, and tell her what to do.

She then also begins a fight with Shilpa, who just smiles and carries on making food. Bandgi and Puneesh talk, and she tells him to stop fighting, then Puneesh begins to cry.



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