The episode begins with a bitter fight between Priyank and Arshi as a small argument blows up to a mad fight. Priyank speaks to Arshi about something and then both of them begin fighting about who is going to spit on whom. Both of them make personal remarks on each other and about who is more famous than the other, Arshi then begins to fight and scream agressively to Priyank, who keeps smiling and making fun of her. The fight then grows out and Aakash begins to call names to Priyank, which makes him angry too and they begin to shout over each other.

Then Benafsha grows angry too and begins to yell at Aakash and the two of them fight before the captain, Puneesh, tells them to break it.

Then the nomination process begins. Shilpa, however is safe from the voting because she was chosen from the panel yesterday. The contestants then go to the confession room and give their votes. Priyank, Benafsha, Sabyasachi and Sapna are among the contestants who are nominated to be eliminated from the house. Then, the Bigg Boss reveals that Shilpa gets the power to rewatch the voting process, and why the contestants voted for each other.

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