The day begins with fight between Vikas and Priyank, which is related to the the task because Priyank thinks that Vikas didn’t do his part properly, which is why they lost. Then, Bigg Boss announces to the Gharwalas that they lost the weekly task and won’t be getting any new supplies, telling that their budget is zero, like their scores. Bigg Boss tells them to choose two people whom they would like to send to the Kal Kothari. Everyone then begins to fight each other, asking their friends to not name them and keep them safe. Arshi, in particular, gets angry and tells to the audience that if Hina votes her, then she will be the most insecure woman in the house.

Finally, Vikas, Mehajbi and Arshi are chosen by the gharwalas and this decision makes Shilpa very happy. Vikas begins crying and decides to the leave the house because Shilpa teases him.

Vikas then tries to leave the house but Bigg Boss calls him in the confession room, and Vikas tells that he wants to go to his “Mummy”, Bigg Boss then placates him and tells him to go back to the Kal Kothari. Priyank then gets angry when Aakash interrupts Vikas, while he’s telling a story.

UPCOMING: Fed up with all the drama that he created in the house, Vikas will finally take drastic steps to go out of the house.

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