Bigg Boss 11 Live Episode 31: The task makes gharwalas fight each other

Bigg Boss 11 Live Episode 31: The task makes gharwalas fight each other

The new task is the reason for an early fight between Shilpa and Vikas, because they accuse each other of cheating. The fight then escalates when Mehajbi calls Shilpa an abusive word and then Shilpa retaliates with calling her dirty, because she comes from a poor family and place. Mehajbi then begins to cry, and tells everyone that Shilpa used such words against her when she wasn’t even trying to do anything serious. The pillow making task continues and it seems that both of the teams haven’t been able to complete their tasks and begin to worry that they’re going to lose.

Then, Shilpa begins to cry and tells Aakash to give the money back to the team, and he does it.

It is then revealed by the Bigg Boss that because both of the team weren’t able to complete the task, they both have failed in the weekly task. The only winner in the house is Benafsha, because she has the most money of the teams.

Aakash then fights Benafsha, telling her that it was her mistake and she cheated and told him to do something but then won, while others lost. Vikas then says that what was the point of all the scheming when everyone lost the task.

UPCOMING: The tensions are going to rise again, as Priyank names Shilpa as the most disappointing performance in the task and she begins fighting the Gharwalas.

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