Bigg Boss 11 Live episode 22: Aakash and Hina fight

Bigg Boss 11 Live episode 22: Aakash and Hina fight

The day starts with the beginning of the performance from Dhinchak Pooja and Aakash and also the talk that Pooja has come with lice in her hair as she herself confesses which leads Hina to make fun of her. Vikas says that he’s sick, and doesn’t want to do anything, so Hina tells him that he’s not going to get anything because he’s not doing his work. Then Aakash and Hina have fight over who is more popular and Arshi and Puneesh plan on who they want to vote for the elimination process this week.

At night, Arshi then says that she’s not going to leave Hina alone and is going to keep coming after her because she hates her and she thinks that she’s a downmarket mess.

The fight between Aakash and Hina then escalates when Hina nominates him and then the two fight each other, calling each other names and dancing and singing about each other. Then, in the night, another fight erupts between the two because Hina said that Aakash isn’t going to get any food, and Hina tells him that he isn’t even famous and no one in India knows him, the fight then includes Puneesh, who takes Aakash’s side.

UPCOMING: The house will be turned into a jungle and the Gharwalas will have to fling mud over each other, Hina will become the center of another fight and there will be something spooky going on with Mehajbi.

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