Bigg Boss 11 Live: Contestants become robots

Bigg Boss 11 Live: Contestants become robots

The episode begins as Shilpa tells Aakash that he should not touch her anymore. He then asks her to forgive him. She tells him that it was her mistake, and that she shouldn’t have let her touch her anymore, but she still forgives him. Bigg Boss then announces a new task in the house, in which some of the Gharwalas have to become robots and be absolutely still while others try to get some kind of emotion out of them. Hin, Priyank and Aakash become robots for the first round. Shilpa is heard saying that Hina is a very good actress, and all the crying she does in the house is fake and to showcase her talent.

In the first round of task, the contestants have to make the other become angry by screaming at them. Vikas begins by insulting Hina, telling her that she’s fake. He then goes to Priyank, tells him that he made fake relationship with the girl in Splitsvilla, and that’s why she had come to show.

Shilpa also tries to make Hina angry, but she doesn’t budge from her passive face. At the end of task, Priyank has show anger three times, Hina one and Hiten zero times.

Then, it is time to make them laugh. And Luv decides to wear Hina’s wig and dance around them, which makes everyone laugh, but they still press their lips together. Hiten gets the highest number of laughs.

Then, it’s time again to make them angry, and Vikas accuses Aakash of stealing the lyrics from Chitia kaliyan. And after the task is over for the day, Aakash tells him that he’s going to do the task even more seriously the next day.

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