Bigg Boss 11 Live: Arshi enters the house as a guest

Bigg Boss 11 Live: Arshi enters the house as a guest

This is the final week of the show, and there’s another shocking revelation that is made about the eliminated contestant, Luv Tyagi. As Vikas is looking around at the votes, he suddenly realizes that Luv actually cheated on the elimination day, by wrongly stating that he had received 393 votes, when in fact he had received on 293. This revelation shocks all the Gharwalas, even as Hina tries to defend him. A little later, Bigg Boss announces that the contestants should devide together, whom they think is the meanest member in the house. Everyone choses Akash, and he agrees with the decision.

Next, Arshi makes a grand entrance and everyone is happy to see her. She then gives them the task, to behave mean-ly with each other and whomever is the meanest will win.

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