Bigg Boss 11 Live: Luv wins the task for the day

Bigg Boss 11 Live: Luv wins the task for the day

After the entrance of the relatives in the house, it seems that tensions are just going to intensify because they will be watching their loved ones so closely and see their behavior in the house, but won’t be able affect them in anyway. The episode starts with the new activity of the day, which requires the contestants to ignore one Gharwala, while he or she tries to distract them or get a reaction. The first one to be ignored is Hona, and she’s able to make people laugh, even though it causes her to genuinely fall and hurt her knee.

Then Priyank and Luv are also successful in the task in varying degrees. But when it comes to Aakash, no one gives him any kind of reaction and just ignores him. All this makes Aakash’s mother to think that he is being betrayed.

Aakash then comes back to his usual self and tells everyone that he will hw glad if his mother fights with others in the padosi house.

Then, it’s time for Vikas, and starts fighting with Aakash because he didn’t like his comments. The winner of the task is Luv and he gets 60 points added to his post outside the house.

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