Bigg Boss 11 Live: Aakash throws Vikas’s egg in the pool

Bigg Boss 11 Live: Aakash throws Vikas’s egg in the pool
Written by Abhishek Rana

The weekly task for Capitancy has again made the contestants suspicious of each other, as everyone wants to become the captain. Shilpa cries in the toilet room, because she thinks that all the respect that she gained from the show is going to go away if she doesn’t win. She also seems to think that Vikas needs to be oust from the task. Priyank and Hina have discussion about the chit and who put Hina’s name om it. Luv and Hina also discuss that  Vikas and Priyank are playing game in the house with their relationship.

They both agree that when Hiten was eliminated from the house, Vikas began getting closer to Priyank, and they said that these two have contracts beyond the show and playing a game.

Then, the task begins, and Arshi throws Aakash’s egg in the pool, but he doesn’t care. After a long fight, when Vikas’s egg appears, Aakash throws his egg in the pool. Hina and Shilpa celebrate and laugh.

Then, it’s time for Luv’s egg, and Aakash attempts to throw it in the pool to. However, Luv, Priyank and others save it from him. Aakash then becomes angry because no one is letting throw the egg away. He screams at Hina too. But after a while, Luv is able to save his egg.

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