Bigg Boss 11 Live 39 Episode: Hina Khan, Hiten and Benfsha sent to Kal Kothari

Bigg Boss 11 Live 39 Episode: Hina Khan, Hiten and Benfsha sent to Kal Kothari

The peace and quite of the house is quickly shattered when Puneesh and Bandgi’s relationship in the house becomes very intimate in the morning. Everyone begins to talk about how it is indeed a little shameless of them to do it in the morning when the camera’s can see them. Arshi talks to Luv about why he is looking at her dress, and he tells her that he’s not interested in her, but was just looking at the design of the dress. Things then get heated when everyone gets talking about Puneesh and Bandgi. But then Hina says something about standards that makes Mehajbi angry.

Mehajbi then begins shouting at Hina and tells her to stop using words like standard against her.

Then the nominations for the Kal Kothari begin and Bigg Boss tell Benafsha that she’ll be nominated next week and sent to Kal Kothari for attacking Aakash’s hair.

Hina Khan, Hiten Tejwani and Benafsha are then sent to the Kal Kothari and Benafsha has a bizzare dress for the jail, which is a very gaudy looking Salwar Suit. Luv and Arshi then begin to fight because Arshi is making fun of her. Luv tells everyone to try and scare him.

Hina, on the other hand, argues with Vikas and tells him why is he always becoming a judging and making statements about people.

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