Bigg Boss 11: Karan Patel slams Hina Khan

Bigg Boss 11: Karan Patel slams Hina Khan
Written by Abhishek Rana

Karan Patel has now slammed Hina Khan on twitter, regarding her antics on the Bigg Boss show. He quote tweeted Salil Sand, who blamed Hina for revealing obliquely that she will be staying in the house up till the finale, and had it written the same on her contract. Karan wrote to keep Salil quite because Hina Khan’s fans will attack him because they still think that their “favorite is an honest and clean contestant”. He also added a winking and laughing emoji to the tweet. It isn’t clear if Karan was joking or being serious, but the tweet did not go well with Hina’s fans, just as Karan had anticipated.

They began to attack him in his mentions, drudging up his past assault on a crew person  and telling him to do his job and leave Hina alone.

It is interesting how popular Hina has become, as even when something happens in the house, she accumulates a large amount of interest from people. Even the hashtag Hina stands for truth that was started by her fans trended more than any other, more important hashtags on twitter.

It is evident that Hina has a very large fan following, but its also clear that some people might not like her behavior in the house.


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