Bigg Boss 11: Hiten Tejwani gets angry over his belongings

Bigg Boss 11: Hiten Tejwani gets angry over his belongings

Hiten Tejwani is perhaps the most sensible person on the Bigg Boss show, but even he has a threshold of patience, and it seems to have finally broken. Hiten will be seen getting angry and lashing out at the other Gharwalas for taking things from his bag and disturbing his belongings. This is the first time that Hiten has gotten really angry at someone and lashed out because of it. The clip that was put up the Colors TV account on twitter will be getting an elaborated cut when the episode premieres’ tonight, but it seems that the people from the other team have disturbed his luggage and thrown things around.

Because of this, Hiten begins to get angry and asks who gave them the permission to touch his things and use them in the task? He also seems to be getting into a fight with Luv.

Previously, Hiten’s team had performed very well in the task, in which they had to throw the giants from the posts to which they were tied by any means possible. After Bandgi was taken out of the game, she pledged that she’ll be taking revenge on all the players of the opposite team the next day.


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