Bigg Boss 11 Hina Khan says that there are Lice in Dhinchak Pooja’s hair

Bigg Boss 11 Hina Khan says that there are Lice in Dhinchak Pooja’s hair

Bigg Boss welcomed a new member in the form of Dhinchak Pooja yesterday, and the Gharwalas were less than impressed by the new arrival, it seemed. The singer/rapper became famous when she released her songs, Selfie tune Le liya and Song Wali Topi which was laughed at by people and admired for its ridiculousness, and which gave Pooja Jain, the chance to change her name to the iconic Dhinchak Pooja. When she arrived at the house, even Salman questioned as to why she was famous for something as terrible as her songs, but he was only joking with her.

Pooja was then sent into the house, and the Gharwalas already knew that she was coming because Pooja’s song had begun playing just before her arrival. The Gharwalas were all very amused with the arrival of Pooja, but none as much as Hina Khan, who started laughing and telling that Bigg Boss is now letting anyone into the house.

She will be making Dhinchak Pooja’s fun further in the upcoming episode, laughing at the lyrics of the songs and then telling everyone that Pooja has lice in her hair.

This is going to become very interesting, as it’ll be a shock if Pooja doesn’t retaliate to Hina with some insults for her jabs, and tell her off for being rude.

In the mean time, you can enjoy this audition video of Dhinchak Pooja that has been making rounds on the social media:



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